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Loose Bull Causes Commotion In I.F. Neighborhood

IDAHO FALLS – You might expect to see a sight like this in Spain, but Thursday a bull caused quite a commotion in downtown Idaho Falls.

“At first I was really freaked out why we had so many people around with police and Local News 8 and then (my sister) said, ‘Katie get up here there is a cow running loose,'” said Katie Sher.

A bull got loose from its pasture at 33 North and 5th West. It traveled down the railroad tracks and winded down the streets of a large neighborhood. He ended up cornered at the Greenbelt near Science Center Drive.

“It doesn’t happen ever,” said Emily Sher, who saw the bull from her window.

Sarah McKeller and Heather Glenn were picnicking with their young children, until they saw the 2,500 pound black bull.

“We came back and sat on the blanket and turned around and there was a huge bull standing less than ten feet away from us,” said Glenn.

“And now my son is mad because he can’t slide because there is a bull on the playground,” said McKeller.

The bull wandered around for an hour and a halfthrough yards, down the road and stopping for a break under shady trees.

Bonneville County Animal Control officers thought they had caught the bull a couple of time, but missed.

They ended up shooting it with a tranquilizer. The owner, Dalin Williams brought a trailer in and lured the bull inside.

“It was quite a surprise, definitely quite a surprise,” said Scott Antrim, who had trouble getting to his house because it was blocked by police.

“I was a little concerned. Not being from Idaho, I am not used to cows running through the neighborhood,” said Glenn.

“You know you’re in Idaho if a bull runs across the playground. That’s all I have to say,” said McKeller.

The bull was not harmed during his tour of the city.

Bonneville County Animal Control said Williams will not be cited because the bull did not harm any people or property.

KESQ News Team


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