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Feds Spend Thousands Of Dollars To Give TV Stations Toys

Earlier this Summer sent a public service announcement package to 1,000 televisions stations nationwide.

It wasn’t the message that concerned taxpayers, instead what was inside.

It cost the U.S. General Services Administration $41 for each package. Inside was a $3 toy. The toy, however, was made in China, not in the U.S.A. The toy is nothing more than sticks with magnets and metal balls.

KESQ requested information about the package, and why they would sent a toy made in China.

David McClure with the Office of Citizen Services and Innovative Technologies responded in a letter,

“This item was purchased from the Leed’s company of New Kensington, PA,” the letter stated. “Its manufacturing origin was not known to GSA.” The total cost to send the toy, tape and other materials was $41 per station. It cost a total of $41,870.”

“It’s a tremendous waste,” said Coachella Valley resident Leon Cooper. “I wish they would start using the money to take care of the people that need it and stop throwing it away.”

The toy was an incentive to run its PSA for free.

It was a 60-second “For the People” ad showcasing everything that can be found on

KESQ played the ad 34 times without playing with the toy.

KESQ News Team


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