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Classic Yellow Cabs Leaving Palm Springs

Classic Yellow Cab is closing its doors after less than a year.

That means Peter Kurzon will be looking for a new job soon.

“At my age and this economy I’m getting the stenciled sign probably go stand of Ramon,” said Kurzon.

He’s one of 50 Classic Yellow Cab’s drivers who’s job will get hacked after labor day.

Sunline Transit Agency regulates taxi cabs.

Sunline president Michael Ogelsby says the company made the decision.

Cab companies are required to average at least 10 riders per cab per day but Classic Yellow didn’t do.

Still, the company wanted to increase the number of their cars.

Sunline refused.

“We have a contract with them for a 5 year period indicating they could perform the level of service we wanted and that they said they could provide with 50 taxis. So simply going out and saying, ‘now we want a hundred’ I don’t understand that,” said Ogelsby.

The company will close it’s doors after labor day.

They’ll lose their 50 cabs and those drivers will be looking for work with some of the other cab companies.

“There’s other worthwhile companies out there and hopefully they’ll step in and pick up the slack because they’re definitely a need,” said Kurzon.

Mike Deruyter is sad to see them leave

But he wants to make sure people know Yellow Cabs of the Desert will stay in business.

“They’re worried, they’re in a panic because there is a lot of people that we take on in a daily basis,” said Deruyter.

The number of cabs here in the valley will drop to 130.

Some worry worries that won’t be enough.

If that’s the case, Ogelsby says Sunline may add more.

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