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La Quinta Seeing More Businesses Moving In

The signs tell the story, business is picking up in La Quinta.

At the Point Happy Center, the Flame Hibachi Brazilian restaurant is preparing to open in early October at a location that had been vacant for almost a year and half. Despite the tough economy, owner Morris Salem who already has $2.4 million invested in the restaurant believes his business plan to attract customers will work.

“You have to look at the economy and say what can they afford,” said Salem. “People today want to have something reasonably priced not gouged tasty and to the point and that’s what we’re gonna do here. Our pricing is gonna be very good.”

Across the street from The Flame at Europa Deli located in the One-Eleven La Quinta Center, the family-run deli is shooting to open for business in about two weeks.

Although people may be tightening their belts, owner Izabella Stepien is excited about running the first mid-valley deli to offer and food and drinks from throughout Europe.

“I think this is a great way to introduce European food to America and this area actually we have lots of European customers,” said Stepien. “They’re really happy we’re gonna have European food, so I don’t think it really matters the economy right now.”

Back at The Flame, owner Morris Salem plans to have more than 50 people on his staff. However, to land a job there is one requirement, you have to be out of a job.

“Someone who already has a job what does he need another one,” says Salem. “I rather give it to someone else who needs the job than someone who already has one and we’ve been very strict about it. First thing we ask an employee who comes ‘you have a job?’ he says ‘yes,’ thank you very much have a lovely day.”

What can you say? A restaurateur with his own stimulus plan.

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