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Gas Pipelines Sit Near San Andreas Fault

The natural gas pipeline explosion in San Bruno last week has some people wondering how safe our neighborhoods are.

And we have the threat of strong earthquakes here in the valley.

Maps show how the Southern California Gas Company has transmission and distribution pipelines that cross a portion of the San Andreas fault, running through the valley.

While earthquakes can’t be controlled, the gas company wants its customers to know when it comes to inspecting pipelines, it exceeds state and federal safety regulations.

“You’re right, we live in earthquake country,” says Raul Gordillo, a spokesman for the Southern California Gas Company. “There have been pipeline failures due to earthquakes, landslides or damage from third party contractors, but really there have been few incidents involving injuries over our more than 140 year history.”

If you ever suspect a gas leak, the gas company says never light a match or candle and stay away from electrical devices. For emergencies you can contact the gas company at 1-800-427-2200.

KESQ News Team


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