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Prosecutors Don’t Want Clemency For Killer Headed To Death Chamber

The Riverside County District Attorney’s Office sent a letter to Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger this week, asking him to deny clemency for a man convicted and sentenced to death 28 years ago for the rape and murder of a Riverside teen walking to school.

Albert Greenwood Brown was ordered by a Riverside County Superior Court judge to be executed on September 29.

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“This man showed no clemency to the young girl that he tormented before strangling her to death and dumping her body in an orange grove,” District Attorney Rod Pacheco said. “He is least among us who deserves clemency.”

The letter to Schwarzenegger asks him to consider the brutality, viciousness, and callousness of Brown’s crimes, his prior criminal conduct in aggression, the insignificance of his false mental impairment claims and the impact that his crimes have had and continue to have on the victim’s family.

Brown’s clemency request to the Governor does not assert his innocence but instead is based on an exaggerated claim that the jury didn’t have substantial and compelling mitigating information. The Ninth Circuit and U.S. Supreme Court have both already dismissed this claimed deficiency in the proceedings as lacking the necessary merit to affect the verdict.

In that case, Brown was convicted of grabbing 15-year-old Susan Jordan as she walked along Victoria Avenue on her way to Arlington High School in Riverside. Brown pulled Susan into a nearby orange grove where he raped and murdered her.

After the murder, Brown called the girl’s parents and told them they would never see her alive again and they could find Susan in this particular orange grove.

Brown had been paroled from state prison just four months earlier after being convicted of a 1977 rape of a 14-year-old girl. In the case of Susan Jordan, Brown chose not to leave his victim alive.

In 1982, Brown was convicted of Susan’s rape and murder and ultimately sentenced to death. All of his state and federal appeals and habeas corpus issues have now been exhausted.

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