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FDA Approves Two New Fat-Melting Procedures

Losing those extra pounds can be hard. But the U.S. Food and Drug Administration may have made it easier. They just approved two fat removal procedures that don’t require surgery.

One method uses a device called a Zerona laser. The low powered laser is pointed at the troubled spots and causes the fat cells to collapse in a matter of weeks.

The Plastic Surgery Institute in Rancho Mirage used the procedure for awhile. But Doctor Ritu Chopra said some customers weren’t getting the results they wanted.

“If you use Zerona laser on someone who is in good shape, eats a good diet, has only spot areas of fat, it works great,” said Chopra.

The other method called Zeltiq freezes fat off.

Technicians connect a gel pack to trouble spots then freeze the fat causing the cells to self destruct and be re-absorbed into the body.

Doctor Mark Sofonio tried it. He’s considering using the procedure for his patients.

“it didn’t hurt. There was a slight discomfort to it and your skin gets very red when you remove it you can see it and it’s a little raised actually. Looks kinda interesting,” said Sofonio.

Results vary but doctors say the procedures are targeted to people looking to lose a little around their love handles or belly fat.

Overweight patients shouldn’t expect much, doctors said.

It’s the first time the FDA has approved non-invasive fat removal procedures.

Chopra said think it may attract those scared away from surgery.

“People who are a little bit scared of liposuction but want to lose the weight and they’re on a good diet and they exercising but they have these pockets, you know here and here. We all have them somewhere,” said Chopra.

But Chopra recommends consulting a doctor before trying the new procedures.

Especially when liposuction might be more effective.

Of course, exercise and a good diet don’t hurt either.

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