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Guide Dogs of the Desert receives Coachella Valley Spotlight Grant

Linda samulski relies heavily on her guide dog, Laura.

“I love Laura so much,” she said.

Laura is her fourth guide dog from Guide Dogs of the Desert.

“She adds mobility, support, stability,” Linda said.

Guide Dogs of the Desert gave Linda, who is blind, a second chance. Having such a personal tie and appreciate for this non-profit, Linda joined the staff as Outreach and Student Services Coordinator .

“I take students from point A to Z. I start with applicants and do follow ups,” Linda explained.

It’s her chance at living her own life.

“We are in the public a lot and she guides me through obstacles, crossings streets, into stores, all those things people who are blind need to do in order to maintain independent we live as normal as possible,” she said.

Guide Dogs of the Desert was created 40 years ago to provide legally blind people with guide dogs, including those that have multiple disabilities, such as balance issues, missing limbs, and deafness. All of this is provided at at no cost to clients they train.

Now, this $25,000 grant will increase the organization’s outreach.

“It’s going to help so much going to provide guide dogs for people who are blind so they can continue to live their lives.

We give these dogs free to blind people training is free and two years of training is free. Without that we can’t do it,” Jack Carey, the puppy raiser coordinator, said.

“We are very pleased the Berger Foundation helps local nonprofits;the money stays here,” Albert Milauskas, the Guide Dogs of the Desert Chairman of the Board, said.

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