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Storm brings much needed snow to Idyllwild

The weekend storm not only brought rain to the valley, but much needed snow to local mountain communities. In Idyllwild, the National Weather Service reported a total snowfall amount of six inches Monday afternoon.

“There’s as much snow on these trees that I’ve ever seen in the forty years plus,” said Mountain Center resident Reed Pennell.

According to Pennell, it was the town’s most significant snowfall of the season.

“We were getting a little desperate and we are so glad to see this snowfall,” he said.

A Hemet family drove up to play in the snow.

“It seemed like when we first got into Idyllwild there wasn’t really a whole lot but as soon as we came up here to the park there’s a lot,” said Dallas Yarusi.”It’s beautiful.”

People even brought their dogs to enjoy the fresh powder.

“This is way better than last year when we came up here so we’re excited,” said Rebecca Morton of Carlsbad.

Nonetheless, the snow is having a big impact on the small town.

“Snow brings the people up, supports the economics of the community,” concluded Pennell. “The snow is just that critical moisture.”

KESQ News Team


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