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Rep. Raul Ruiz tours Transgender Health and Wellness Center

In the Coachella Valley, there is approximately 2,200 Transgenders and about 27,000 Transgender people in the Inland Empire. Transgenders are among the many that face the highest rate of murder, violence, harassment and remain double the unemployment rate.

They also encounter the highest rate of discrimination in housing, employment, healthcare, HIV, intimate partner violence, homelessness, family rejection and suicide. The wellness center hopes to address these issues in our community and reduce the burden on tax payers and ensure that all can reach their highest potential.

Congressman Ruiz tours the Transgender Health and Wellness Center which is believed that this center is the 6th in the nation like this, and to learn how he can help that community.

“They need a safe place, and they have a unique health challenges and needs that it’s important, that as a society we remember them and take care of them too,” says Raul Ruiz.

Cathedral City’s Transgender Health and Wellness Center hopes the community to live authentically. Their primary focus is the needs of the transgender, intersex, gender non-conforming and non-binary community, sexual diversities and gender spectrums.

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