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Broken pipe disrupts water service in east valley neighborhood; residents boiling water

The water that was coming out of a kitchen faucet Tuesday afternoon at a home on Lingayan avenue in Indio was brown.

County officials tell News Channel 3 it was caused by a broken water line, which was repaired Tuesday.

We are told the contaminated water flowed after the water was turned off in the neighborhood for 12 hours, beginning Tuesday morning at two o’clock.

“The water just went out and it is not the first time it happened,” said resident Diana Rivera.

One homeowner says a “boil water notice” was delivered to their home sometime after the water was shut off.

She also says she was instructed to boil the water through Friday.

The area impacted appears to be roughly a 4 block area northeast of the intersection of Van Buren Street and Avenue 48.

The water is provided by the Carver Tract Mutual Water Corporation.

“As a college student you need water. So then yesterday I actually had to go to my friend’s house and shower,” said Rivera.

The address for a home on Corregidor avenue in the neighborhood is the address shown online for the Carver Tract Mutual Water Corporation.

Our knock on the front door was not answered and our phone call to the corporation was not returned.

The neighborhood where the water service was disrupted is right across the street from Van Buren Elementary School.

Because the school gets water from a different provider, the campus was not affected.

“We all have busy daily schedules. So you need the water. You rely on it working every day,” said Rivera.

Others we spoke to off-camera in the neighborhood tell us the interruptions in water service happen two to three times a year.

The water coming out of hoses Wednesday was clear.

The county tells News Channel 3 the broken water line was repaired Tuesday and says the system was “chlorinated and flushed”.

If bacteria samples come back negative, then the order to boil water will be lifted Friday.


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