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Riverside county is offering a free flu clinic in Indio

Kim Saruwatari, the Director of Public Health for Riverside County says, “Getting your flu vaccine is a very important step in preventing yourself from becoming ill.”

There has been one flu death this flu season in Riverside County. To take preventative measures, health officials are starting early to protect the community. Riverside County is offering FREE flu shots on Tuesday, October 8th at the Indio Senior Center (45700 Aladdin St, Indio, CA 92201) from 9 a.m. through noon.

Kim Saruwatari states, “The flu vaccine is comprised of 4 different vaccine strains and these vaccine strains are picked based on what was circulating previously.” Meaning, this vaccine may not be a direct match to every flu strain but can still help protect you from getting sick based on common flu strains from last year. The goal is to keep the community healthy and safe. On top of getting the flu vaccine, it is important to practice your own preventative measures to avoid getting sick. These preventative measures include frequently washing your hands, covering your cough with your elbow, and staying home if you’re sick to avoid getting your co-workers and fellow students sick.

It is normal to experience flu-like symptoms after getting your vaccine.

Registered Nurse, Karen Craven says, “Your body internally may feel a little tired, a little achy might feel a little, what we call, ‘under the weather’ but that is absolutely normal.” She says this is because your body is fighting to protect itself if it sees that virus again.

Flu season can last through February and in some cases as late as May.

For more information on the flu and where to get your vaccine, you can visit


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