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Freeway closures to allow for pavement and ramp repairs

Caltrans announced the expansion of two freeway projects that could impact your drive this weekend.

The first project will focus on repairing the pavement at County Lines Road on-ramp in Yucaipa . During this time, the on-ramp will be closed on the following dates and times.

October 11 starting at 8 a.m. and ending October 14 at 3 a.m.
October 18 starting at 8 a.m. and ending October 21 at 3 a.m.
October 25 starting at 8 a.m. and ending October 28 at 3 a.m.

Future closures and dates may follow. They advise weather conditions may affect this operation. Caltrans is asking commuters to use QuickMap to view live traffic conditions.

Some of the drivers in the area say the delays will be worth it.

” Because it’s so unsafe to get on so I am glad they’re closing it down and fixing it, ” says Cindy Wagner, resident of Yucaipa .

While other drivers think differently.

” It’s a real inconvenience because we’re lacking a lot of on-ramps in this area and I wish they would just hurry up and finish it. They seem to take forever with everything they do with the freeways in California, ” says Martin Riggs, resident of Yucaipa

Caltrans expects a minimum impact on the freeway traffic during the construction.

” Yes this should really only affect maybe the cities you’ll probably see a back up in the city area but for the most part all three main lines of the highway are accessible to everyone, ” says Emily Leinen , Caltrans District 8 Public Information Officer .

But the 60 highway project this weekend that could impact more drivers. Crews will be between Gilman Springs Road and Jack Rabbit Trail beginning Saturday, October 12. Cal Trans says the focus is to add an additional truck lane on the freeway.

For Rubin Reynolds, who is a frustrated commuter who travels westbound on the 60 freeway every day.

” And it does affect me .. its really frustrating as bad as enough that the traffic is backed up and long waits, ” says Rubin Reynolds.

Other drivers are planning to avoid the construction altogether.

” So I will gage my commute to that . I think it would be nice if they could do it during the off hours which would be easier for everybody, ” says Gail Starinieri .

Caltrans is asking for drivers to be safe and use alternative routes as they move forward with the two freeway projects.

” We have multiple projects happening in multiple areas, so we want people you know plan ahead and be safe and you know we just want people to get where they need to go safely, ” says Emily Leinen , Caltrans Public Information Officer.

For more information on the 60 highway closure and Truck Lanes Project.

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