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Deputies assist, buy breakfast for Canadian hiker who had passport, backpack stolen


Randi, a hiker from Canada, was in a tough spot. During her cross-U.S. hike, she was at a crossroads; her backpack, which contained her passport and credit cards, had been stolen and she was far from home, a bit stranded in Beaumont.

Fortunately, a few deputies and one Home Depot store manager stepped in, according to a post from the Cabazon's Sheriff's Station.

"Cabazon Station staff paid out of their pocket to help Randi replace her food and hygiene products, provided her with some cash to help out and bought her breakfast at Farmer Boys," read the Sheriff's Station's post.

Jen Greenman, the store manager for the Beaumont Home Depot, also stepped in, providing Randi with a new backpack, phone charger, multi-tool and other items.

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