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Cathedral City Short-Term Vacation Rental Task Force releases new survey results

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The Short-Term Vacation Rental Task Force mailed out surveys on October 1, 2019 to about 2,200 households. It was required to respond and return by October 15, 2019.

The surveys were mailed to properties within 100 feet of a permitted STVR. The surveys were not mailed to properties in HOA communities.

Residents in Cathedral City said noise and parking issues are top problems they have experienced when it comes to short term vacation rentals in their neighborhoods.

"If there's been incidents and you've got three to four incidents in a matter of time lets say a couple of months that its... vacation rentals are banned on that street in that neighborhood," said Alan Carvalho.

Alan Carvalho, a resident in Cathedral City's cove area, responded to survey results released by Cathedral City's Short-Term Vacation Rental Task Force.

"This particular street where I live is a good example of owners taking responsibility and being forthright," said Carvalho.

News Channel 3's took a look at the survey results.

The survey showed 93 people in favor, 147 opposed and 62 not sure or neutral about STVR's in their neighborhood.

And some of the comments made, " I don't feel safe in own home having different people staying next door."

Another comment,"Last renter had 8 to 9 cars parked at the home."

According to the city, 2,200 STVR surveys were mailed out last October and only 300 households responded within the 15-day deadline.

"13.8 percent response is pretty pathetic," said Jim Mewes.

Jim Mewes, is a Cathedral City cove resident and Alan Carvalho's neighbor. He rents out his home as an STVR.

"I would have liked to have seen a separate survey sent out to homeowners that do short term vacation rentals to ask them what they do and how they handle situations and what is done for the community," said Mewes.

The city is aware of the noise concerns in the vacation rental communities.

"The city is looking at implementing various methods to control the noise through enforcement and notifications and citations and things to that effect," said Chris Parman, Cathedral City's Communications and Events Manager.

Nearly half of those who answered the survey said they were very unsatisfied with the response from the STVR hotline.

"The city increased its enforcement on the weekends, we actually hired a private security company so when calls the short term vacation rental hotline they will get a response from the security very quickly," said Parman.

The Short Term Vacation Rental Task Force will take all the recommendations and present it to the city council on March 11th.

For the survey results and comments. Click here.

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