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Earthquake Alert

Four earthquakes hit Anza biggest being a 3.5

Four earthquakes hit the Anza area the latest being at 6 pm recorded at a 3.5.

The previous earthquakes just after 5:30 Tuesday afternoon. The first at 5:30 was recorded at a 3.5. Two other hit five minutes later being reported as a 3.2 and a 2.5

This after a series of earthquakes that started with a Friday evening preliminary 4.9 magnitude earthquake.

Then several small earthquakes shook near Anza Sunday afternoon. A 3.5 and 2.6 were felt after 3:30 Sunday afternoon. Just after 2 pm there was a 3.5 earthquake followed by a 2.5 just 30 seconds later.

No reports of damages or injuries, but several calls came into the Newsroom saying that people felt the shaking.

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Timothy Kiley

Timothy Kiley is Assistant News Director for News Channel 3 starting in 2002 as Photojournalist.


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