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Riverside County unveils app to report coronavirus violations

The County of Riverside launched RivCoMobile, an app that allows residents to anonymously report violations of state and county public health orders issued to help stop the spread of coronavirus.

" I am 100 percent behind it because I see people people doing stuff all the time," said Pamela Berghorst, from Cathedral City." I wish I was a private investigator."

Here's how it works:

Under the coronavirus tab, select report health violation.

From there it will direct you to Riverside County health page, then enter violation type which can include no social distancing, non-essential business violations and more.

There is also a place to attach a photo and make additional comments.

Select a location and then click submit form.

"Once we receive the complaint, we review it, it goes to our county attorney, if the business is operating within a city boundary, it will be sent to the city attorney," said Brooke Federico. "The city will then see how best to contact the business."

Riverside County Public Information Officer, Brooke Federico  emphasizes that the app is intended to report non- essential businesses that are not following county and state orders.

"If that business does not comply, then it could lead to further court action, " said Federico. " That would be a temporary restraining order."

As for complaints involving individuals, the county's approach.

"We're not looking to create a lot of citations, we're looking for compliance," said Federico."So that's always going to start with a conversation and discussion."

According to Federico, if individuals still don't comply there can be fined up to $1,000.

One Palm Springs resident hopes it all makes a difference.

"I am totally 100 percent behind it," said Nieves Moreno. "then we can control this epidemic that's going right now."

The county plans to map areas of noncompliance where they would expect to see more outbreaks and the need for resources.

RivCoMobile is available on both the Apple Store and Google Play

Anonymous violation reports can also be made at

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