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Palm Springs rally calls for small businesses to reopen

Across the nation protests are growing, hundreds protesting in Salt Lake City, Washington D.C., Oregon, Denver including a rally set to be held here in our valley. 

Rob Garcia is spearheading the rally "Open Coachella Valley," which plans to be on Sunday in front of Las Casuelas Terraza restaurant in Downtown Palm Springs.

Garcia says the event is meant to advocate for small businesses to re-open.

“It’s really a rally, not a protest," said Garcia. " We’re not protesting any particular agenda or ideology or anything like that. We want to help our small businesses.” 

Garcia said people in support should still wear their masks  and keep social distancing. He plans to make a speech using a pa system about possibly opening doors by May 1st.

“I am not saying we open everything right away or that we should have mass concerts, festivals right away," said Garcia. "But I think these small business can handle the traffic that will go in and out of them.” 

“You’re not going to flip a switch," said Brian Marki. "I do not know what we are going to go through between now and something that looks normal."

Brian Marki, Owner of Brian Marki Fine Art and Gallery, a small business in Palm Springs said he’s not for protests or rallies in support to re-open businesses soon. 

“Until those tests are here I don’t feel confident at all," said Marki.

Palm Desert Mayor, Gina Nestande, is pleading for Governor Newsom to re-evaluate the stay-at-home mandate and consider California’s economic health involving job loss and businesses not being able to re-open.

"I want to offer hope here in our valley," said Nestande." I have received so many phone calls and emails from people in despair, the unemployed worker to a small business owner. My heart breaks for all these people. Their lives matter too."

“Would I like to see everybody reopen?," said Donna Smalldon. "You bet but I think you need to do that in a really safe and smart way.”

For more information on Rally. Click Here.

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