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KESQ speaks with KGAY radio morning show host on testing positive for COVID-19

Ben Patrick Johnson

KESQ News Channel 3's Caitlin Thropay spoke to local KGAY radio host, Ben Patrick Johnson on his battle with the coronavirus.

“I’m getting better every day," Johnson told News Channel 3. "I’m almost back to normal,” he added.

KGAY's morning show host is sharing his experience after testing positive for COVID-19.

“I wasn’t surprised because I had quite a cold,” he said.

Johnson started noticing symptoms around June 13 and got tested at Eisenhower on June 19.

“It was a little surreal with the people that looked like hazmat suits on and stuff like that but I got in and out very quickly and the results came back in just two days which was surprising and impressive,” he said.

He said he has a mild to moderate case.

“I started out with some coughing, a lot of coughing actually and fever and I got a real kind of congested cold and body aches and chills and I think the biggest single symptom that I’ve had and am still dealing with is fatigue, man this just knocks you out,” he shared.

Now that Johnson has experienced the virus first hand, he shared a message for the community.

“Please guys, wear your masks. It means everything," he said. "I don’t know if this is because I let mine slip just a little bit or if this is something I could not have avoided but the masks are the thing. Obviously, also the hand washing and social distancing but masks masks masks, especially indoors,” he added.

Johnson is currently in quarantine for 14 days before he takes two more tests. Both tests have to be negative before he can resume his normal activities.

“I’m going to play this conservative because I care a great deal about the health of my coworkers and friends and family around me so I’m going to do the two-test rule and make certain that I’m completely better and not going to give this to anybody around me," Johnson said.

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Caitlin Thropay

Caitlin Thropay is the Weekend Morning Anchor and Lifestyle Reporter for KESQ News Channel 3, The Desert’s News Leader. Learn more about Caitlin here.


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