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‘Dedicated Strength’ gym in Indio moves classes outdoors following Governor’s orders

Dedicated Strength gym in Indio

With the Governor's announcement for more places like indoor gyms to close for the second time since the start of the pandemic, some business owners are getting innovative so they can remain open.

"With this latest shutdown they said we could take it outdoors so I took it outdoors," Ashley Robertson told News Channel 3.

She owns "Dedicated Strength" a gym in Indio. Robertson held her first outdoor class on Tuesday.

"This morning they had smiles on their faces," Robertson said. "They came prepared with cooling towels and water bottles so we were just really excited to see that we were able to bring this to them and still offer it to them," she added.

Robertson believes working out builds immunity. After closing for three months at the beginning of the pandemic, her gym saw a surge in members when they reopened. Now, Robertson says it's essential for them to stay open this time around.

"Every station is more than six feet apart so we make sure to really spread out," she showed KESQ cameras how it works.

Her classes are either early in the morning at 5 a.m. or 8:30 a.m. and in the evening at 5 p.m. or 6:30 p.m. but even then it's still very hot outside.

"Even though it's hot, you are here to sweat anyway," she said. "Sweat more, burn more! That's always been my motto," she added.

Robertson told us her trainers are keeping a close eye on their members for signs of heat-related illness.

"We have cut back the length of our classes right now so instead of a 50-minute class, it's a 40-minute class and part of that is because of the heat and we don't want to have them out here too long but we all watch for signs of heatstroke, that they're not getting pale and if they are getting winded we have them sit down and take a breather for a minute," she explained.

The pandemic has brought out innovation in business owners like Robertson who have had to adapt to many changes.

"People have had to think outside the box," Robertson said. "We've had to learn to get outside the gym, do it in our homes, through Zoom, through the circuit workouts, and now out in the parking lot," she said.

Being innovative is what may be the key to keeping their doors from closing for good at the end of this.

"During this pandemic as you know we've still had rent to pay and bills to pay so we've still had to keep up with all of that so this has been a way we can still do that and still be here for the community when all of this is over," she said.

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