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Local Congressman Dr. Raul Ruiz responds to events in Washington D.C.


Dr. Raul Ruiz and other members of congress were on the house floor  in session to ratify the electoral college votes for president elect Biden when trump supporters stormed in. 

News Channel 3’s Dani Romero has more on how his training as an emergency physician helped as the scene was unfolding. 

We spoke with Dr. Ruiz while the lockdown was underway. He described it a rattling day for him and for the nation. He told us his training kicked in when everything got chaotic. 

He said his background helped him not panic and help others that were also on the house floor with him to stay safe.  

“I am trained in emergency situations and I go through my protocols and I'm first and foremost looking at safety," said Dr. Ruiz. "I'm also reminding my peers next to me about the protocols in any mass casualty or mass shooting scenario and what to do to keep them fresh so they can think through this scenario. " "I'm also looking out for people who are potentially ill, that I can visually see that are rattled and nervous and anxious and providing reassurance and checking in on them. And at the same time, I need to reassure my wife and I need to tell her I love her, uh, and my family and, and, uh, and make sure that they're not, uh, too worried. you know, my mother, i knew that things were getting out of hand outside, uh, while i was in the house when my own mother called me to check on me to see if i'm okay.” 

Dr. Ruiz also described how he comforted a nervous and scared adolescent girl, who was crying during the intense moments. His medical training also led him to check for water and snacks for any diabetics who rely on insulin in case they were needed during that lockdown.

Dr. Ruiz couldn’t tell us exactly to where he was evacuated during the unrest…. just saying it was a safe and secure location.

Full interview with Dr. Raul Ruiz, CLICK HERE.

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