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See inside COVID-19 unit at Eisenhower Health as hospital sees a surge in patients

Image: Eisenhower Health

Eisenhower Health continues to see an increase in patients amid the surging coronavirus pandemic. Now, new video shows us an inside look to the hospitals COVID-19 unit.

News Channel 3’s Dani Romero takes us to the frontlines of one valley hospital where the situation is getting worse by the day. 

A growing number of coronavirus patients continue to be treated at Eisenhower Health. For safety reasons, our cameras weren’t allowed in but in the video from the hospital, the nurses are busy. 

“It's going to be a critical day," said Yesenia Moreno, Eisenhower Health's COVID unit nurse.

"A lot of the patients have so much going on right now," said Moreno. "Usually the machines are going off, we’re running in there all of the time.” 

Another hospital priority, PPE. They are taking extra precautions to keep their health workers safe. 

“Everybody gets a new gown," said Moreno. "We don’t go room to room with the same gown."

Eisenhower Health continues to look for additional space to help with the overwhelming number of patients caused by the coronavirus outbreak. 

“We've taken space that was in years, past was ICU space that was then converted to other uses when we built our new intensive care unit," said Dr. Alan Williamson, Chief Medical Officer at Eisenhower Health. "We're going back and repurposing that area for ICU space.” 

With the influx of COVID cases, they also built a large tent outside to help alleviate some  pressure off the emergency room. 

Coronavirus is a daily battle thats why zipper doors with windows are helping those on the frontlines monitor the sick. 

“This way I can peek in," said Moreno. "Most of them [the patients] are on continuous pulse oximeter and we can see it from here." "So as opposed to having to gown up and having to open the door”

Eisenhower Health currently has 4 COVID ICU units open and most recently opened their 5th COVID inpatient floor.

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