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Yucca Valley residents prepare for second day of winter storm

Snow hit the high desert in Joshua Tree, Yucca Valley and Morongo Valley as a storm passed through Sunday night and lasted this morning.

Snowfall isn't something foreign to the Coachella Valley and surrounding areas.

News Channel 3’s Dani Romero has more on how locals are staying prepared. 

Snowfall in Yucca Valley picked up again late this afternoon after the overnight storm blanketed the area meaning family fun for some and increased business for others” 

The overnight storm inspired Tyler Rohn to drive up from Los Angeles first thing this morning. 

“We just decided hey let's go to the snow and put on the warmest clothes that we have just take a couple of hours to be out here," said Rohn.

Rohn and his daughter, Stella were taking it all in including some snow play at the park. 

Stella showed us what she built. 

“A snowman," said Stella.  

Rohn described it as the perfect escape amid the pandemic. 

“Different change from being locked up in the house as you can see its not a ton of people here," said Rohn. "So for both of us out here playing its just free range at this point.” 

Road crews braced for this first blast of winter. Another storm is slated to hit SoCal later this week. 

Locals told News Channel 3 they are ready. 

“I have a fireplace and I have a four-wheel drive so if I have to get out I can," said Brenda Punty. "I am hoping we're going to get more snow.” 

While Brenda Punty is prepared that’s not always the case with visitors. 

“Wiper blades and headlights and things in that nature, wiper blades and things in that nature and people want us for them to get help installing them as well," said Jim Synder, owner of Napa Auto & Truck Parts.

Snyder explained this is always a busy time of year. The fresh snowfall just adds to it.

“The snow chain request are through the roof very much through the roof primary people on their way to Big Bear and try to go and play in the snow," said Synder.  

If you do plan to drive in the snow make sure to first check for any road closures and be sure your windshield wipers and brakes are in good condition. 


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