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Black History Month Scavenger Hunt in Desert Hot Springs

On Monday, February 22 Team Mom Charities is hosting a scavenger hunt to celebrate Black History Month in Desert Hot Springs.

“The reason why I wanted to celebrate Black History Month the way that I’m doing it with a scavenger hunt is because I wanted to give parents a chance to take their children on a much needed field trip," Team Mom said.

On this field trip, she said families will be educated about black history while bringing foot traffic into some local businesses who’ve been struggling during the pandemic.

“I think it brings people together and it sends a message to the youth and people in this city of unity, diversity, and gives them a sense that there are people that are willing to reach out and invest in the community," owner of Bona Fide Realty Group, Andrew Washington said.

The scavenger hunt takes place mostly in Desert Hot Springs.

“You go from one building to the next building to the next building looking for a certain item and knowing when you get to the end of this and filling out the worksheet we have for black history, you will be grated with judges that are here in our community so that we can figure out who our top five prize winners are,” Team Mom said.

The top prize is worth $500.

Many local businesses are participating in the scavenger hunt by donating gift cards or coupons towards the prizes.

“We donated a $50 gift card and we also donated a $50 gift card here to the shop so if anyone wanted to send flowers to someone, their girlfriend, boyfriend, mother, father whoever they wanted to," owner of Kali Certified Flowers, Patti Cruz said.

The scavenger hunt is open to the public, it’s free and runs from 3:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. on Monday.

Scavenger Hunt List:

“If you would like to meet with us to get your map and your list of items you can meet us over at the K Mart shopping center now the Royal Emerald. We’ll be setting up a black history month headquarters in an RV,” Team Mom said.

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