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In need of a job? Local seniors are looking for help at home

Local seniors say it’s been difficult to hire in-home help or caregivers since the pandemic began. 

“In December of last year...I had to have surgery for cancer in my right kidney,” said Beverly Gaines, Resident, Cathedral City. 

Gaines says after her surgery, she had difficulty hiring a long-term in-home caregiver. 

“From January until June...I didn’t have a caregiver. I couldn’t do anything except go to the bathroom and get to the refrigerator,” she said. 

She says she was trying to find a caregiver through Riverside County’s In-Home Supportive Services program — IHSS, for short. 

“I called them almost every week and they said they were still looking,” she said. 

It’s a problem experienced by other seniors in her building. 

“Most of them need help in here some kind of help,” said Donna McGee, Resident, Cathedral City. 

She says in some cases, they’ve resorted to helping each other. 

“Residents will come and try to lift people up off the floor or help them to the bathroom so it could be very dangerous,” she said. 

McGee also had surgery and deals with chronic pain. She’s been looking for a caregiver to help with home tasks like cooking, cleaning or laundry. 

“I can’t because I have arthritis...really bad arthritis. So I just have to leave everything on the counter,” she said, showing News Channel 3’s Madison Weil her kitchen. 

Both women say IHSS has told them there has been a shortage of caregivers during the pandemic. 

“People would rather go on unemployment than take care of other people,” said Gaines. 

IHSS confirmed they have experienced a staffing shortage during the pandemic.

“We are actively recruiting for caregivers,” said Tiffany Nelson, Senior Community Program Specialist, In-Home Supportive Services. 

Nelson says they are looking to hire as soon as possible to help with demand in the community. 

“We’re hoping that now that unemployment benefits are coming to a close, that more individuals that will start to apply to become IHSS caregivers again,” said Nelson. 

Nelson shared that IHSS is hosting a virtual job fair next Tuesday October 5th to try and hire more in-home caregivers. They say no experience is necessary. 

Details below: 

The In Home Supportive Services (IHSS) Public Authority is actively recruiting for more caregivers to join the registry. IHSS caregivers are needed to provide assistance to elderly and disabled individuals who are approved for IHSS services. Caregiver responsibilities are based upon the needs of the IHSS recipient they work for and can vary from domestic tasks like laundry and meal prep, to more personal tasks such as feeding and bathing.

On Tuesday, October 5th, we will be hosting a virtual hiring fair from 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. for interested candidates to begin the enrollment process by completing our new self-registration form.

No resumes required.

Jobseeker Registration Link CLICK HERE.


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