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Student Athlete of the Week – Briana Delval

"Briana’s one of the hardest working girls I’ve had in the program this far," said Indio Head Coach Meagan Nolasco.

"With all the hard work she puts on the court she’s definitely captain material and that’s why she’s our biggest captain this year."

Briana Delval has worked for 4 years to get to this moment. Yes, a captain and leader for the RahJahs, but more so a teammate that is willing to do whatever it takes to help her team win.

"I’m more of a placement player," said Delval. "Yes I like to kill the ball but if I see an area that’s open I will go for that area. If it drops in the area and I get the point - I get the point."

Indio volleyball has been a powerhouse for the last 3 years and Delval led the Rajahs to 17 wins this season. But it’s not the wins that impress Coach Nolasco, it’s what she sees on the court.

"I would describe it as a lot of passion. You can tell she really enjoys the sport and she runs diving for every ball and getting up," said Nolasco. "She loves being with her teammates and encouraging them every time they make good plays she supporting."

"I selected her being captain personally because I think she has really good leadership and is a good example of not only the players on our varsity team but also to our under classman on JV and freshman," said fellow senior Amaya Rodriguez. "She is just a really good role model to them."

Briana is leaving a legacy at Indio of much more just than a volleyball player. She’s a great teammate, friend, and person. But most of all she loves putting on that Rajah Blue and red.

"The program. The program is so fun," said Delval on what she enjoys most. "It feels really good because they’ll depend on me and ask me questions. I like to be their captain and I’m glad that they chose me.

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