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Student Athlete of the Week – Ryan Henderson/Tyler Fieux

High school cross country is one of the most competitive sports in the Coachella Valley. Commonly it’s known as an individual sport, but not in this case.

Running has bonded two La Quinta athletes, Tyler Fieux and Ryan Henderson, that used the sport to overcome the pandemic and push each other to new heights.

"And then our track season was canceled. So we had to practice on our own and we were coming out during the summer like every morning," said Fieux. "So I think that’s what made us really good friends because every morning we were running and running. I think Covid brought us closer together."

Fieux and Henderson have proven to be the top two runners for the Blackhawks and that didn’t happen because of luck. These guys put in the work, even when no one is watching.

"I think in one week they ran 100 miles," said La Quinta cross country head coach Candy Felix. "I didn’t ask them to do that, they just did it. So when you get athletes to commit the way they did, things are pretty easy."

Tyler and Ryan said they love competing with and against each other, and with how much success they’ve had the duo deserves a name.

I called them the "LQ2", have you heard of that before? 

"No," said Felix.

Do you like it? 

"I do." 

"You know he’s my best friend no doubt, it’s so cool to be able to hang out with him at school eat lunch with him and then come out and hit the track with him," said Fieux. "And race with him, go to his house, and do all that stuff."

"Yeah like he said, we’re literally best friends," said Henderson. "I literally have never been closer to anyone. He’s the closest friend I have, the closest person I’ve mostly been to."

"I’m definitely going to miss the two. They are a fun pair and I can’t wait to see what they do in track," said Felix.

If you know a future student-athlete of the week and want to nominate someone, please contact Sports Director Blake Arthur or Bailey Arredondo.

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Bailey Arredondo

Bailey Arredondo is a Sports Anchor/Reporter for KESQ News Channel 3. He joined the Desert’s News Leader in January 2022 here.


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