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Exclusive video shows restaurant worker violently attacked over vaccine status

Police are investigating a violent attack on a restaurant worker over a customer's vaccination status.

News Channel 3 exclusively obtained video of the attack.

It shows a customer punching a restaurant employee at the Purple Room Supper Club in Palm Springs for denying his entry after he reportedly wouldn't show if he's vaccinated.

Restaurant spokesman David Perry said the Purple Room has a stricter stance than most: requiring proof of vaccination against Covid-19 as the only way to get inside.

The policy is something the unidentified customer apparently wasn't on board with, Perry said.

"He instantly became very belligerent; he physically punched one of our employees," he said. "Then he said, "I'm tired of you f***ing liberals' and some other choice words, and actually tried to force his way into the club."

The Purple Room says this is not about politics, but rather public health.

Palm Springs Police were called and continue to investigate. The restaurant said its pushing for full prosecution of the suspect.

"This is not acceptable behavior," Perry said. "An assault is an assault and it leaves you traumatized. The person in question is really quite shaken up ,as are the other staff members who saw it, as were members of the audience."

Perry said police told him the customer in the video has been identified and questioned by police, though PSPD have not yet confirmed that.

The Purple Room will continue to push the district attorney's office to file charges.

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