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Lift to Rise launches online portal tracking affordable housing projects across Valley

After years in the making, Lift to Rise has launched an online portal tool which allows people to see development progress on affordable housing projects throughout the Coachella Valley.

“Affordable housing developments that are in various stages of planning, some may be entitled, some may have some funding, some may just be conceptual,” Co-Chair of the project Greg Rodriguez explained.

After teaming up with Riverside County and 50 partners, Rodriguez said the portal is not only for the public but for developers and city leaders as well. “What we've done is just done an inventory of what projects have been proposed to certain city planning departments in contact with developers on a regular basis about what new projects they're doing, or projects that are in the work.”

Their new Affordable Housing Pipeline Portal includes an interactive mapping tool which also identifies areas with future development potential. You're able to watch as these homes are built from the ground up, providing safe, affordable shelter for Valley residents. Sunline bus routes are also outlined in the portal, which can help developers consider transportation when building a site.

“What we can do is do a deeper dive into certain financing, certain hurdles that developers have to overcome. And so again, there's even more information that we can utilize on the back side as well.”

Hernandez said they will be working to make sure the portal stays up-to-date in real time. Lift to Rise said this portal is the first of its kind in the Coachella Valley, and they hope to further expand it.

"One of the goals is to take what we've done in the Coachella Valley here and actually expand this countywide,” said Rodriguez.

By 2028, Lift to Rise and its partners hope to reduce rent burden for residents by 30%. They say this portal can help them reach that goal– by increasing affordable housing supply.

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