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Starting April 1, travelers going to and from Canada will no longer be required to take pre-entry COVID test

Travel for people going to and from Canada will be a lot easier starting Friday, April 1.

The Canadian government announced it is removing its pre-entry COVID test requirement for fully vaccinated travelers.

The Public Health Agency of Canada shared with News Channel 3, "This gradual easing of Canada’s border measures is made possible by a number of factors, including Canada’s high vaccination rate, the increasing availability and use of rapid tests to detect infection, decreasing hospitalizations and growing domestic availability of treatments for COVID-19.” 

Some Canadian travelers are relieved they won't have to complete the extra step of getting a COVID test.

One Canadian passenger traveling back home missed his flight after struggling to find a COVID test, "150 US dollars for a test is a lot of money you have to wait to get your results, mine didn't come in in time we missed the flight this morning.”

Pre-entry requirements are not changing for partially or unvaccinated travelers.

All travelers will still be required to use Arrive-Can, the official Canadian platform to provide information when entering the country.

The Canadian government will also continue to monitor vaccination levels and healthcare system capacity to life or adjust its border measures.

This change may relieve some stress for Canadians traveling to the Coachella Valley. To learn more about Canada's travel click HERE.

In the past, especially during holiday season, there have been difficulties for travelers trying to get a COVID test 72 hours before their flight. Read more about that story HERE.

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