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‘Powered by Pink’ Tour raises awareness on impacts of abortion bans

The 'Powered by Pink' Bus Tour is making its way across California and stopped at the Palm Springs Cultural Center on Sunday.

The pink bus that accompanies the tour was not able to make it to Palm Springs and was rerouted to Los Angeles, but the event still continued with presentations from Planned Parenthood and a drag show.

In light of the leaked draft decision to overturn Roe v Wade, Planned Parenthood Affiliates of California are informing people throughout the state about the impacts of abortion bans.

Here in the Coachella Valley the organization is partnering with Palm Springs Drag Brunch as part of their 'Powered by Pink' bus tour.

You can learn more about the 'Powered by Pink' bus tour here.

Planned Parenthood official, Karen Borja, says that part of today's mission is to inform Coachella Valley residents that, "In California, abortion is still safe and legal. In California, we are doing everything and we'll continue to do everything to protect patients, providers, and our communities.” 

Borja says Planned Parenthood centers in California have already started seeing out-of-state patients.

"Our health centers have been getting ready to see more patients and I'm sure that we are still providing that top quality reproductive health care for our patients here," says Borja.

Mayor Lisa Middleton also attended Sunday's event in support of reproductive rights, "We're very concerned about Roe v Wade being overturned. As a matter of fact, we think a decision by the court may be imminent. Here in California, we have made it very clear that a woman has a right to choose for herself as to whether or not to carry a pregnancy.” 

Borja says that people can start advocating for reproductive health by doing the following.

"Planned Parenthood has many volunteer opportunities. for anyone at home who wants to donate you can do so at For anyone who really feels like it's their time to do something. Please go out and vote. We have a very important primary election June 7, that is one of the very good and clear ways that we can be visible and loud," shares Borja.

Some officials are saying that a final decision on Roe v Wade is expected to be made as soon as this week.

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