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CHP launches ‘Join the CHP 1,000’ program to recruit officers

The California Highway Patrol is looking to fill 1,000 positions.

One of the reasons the department is short staffed is because their academy in West Sacramento was closed during the pandemic. However, it is back open and the department is ready to hire.

Jason Montez, San Gorgonio CHP public information officer, has served with the department for 15 years.

Montez says the department is looking to fill these positions to better serve the community.

"It will help us have faster response times, just to provide better safety, service and security to the people here in California," says Montez.

He alo tells me the CHP recently launched their 'Join the CHP 1,000' program in an effort to recruit more officers.

"If you're committed to serving the people of California, then we'll provide you the training," adds Montez.

That training takes place just up North in West Sacramento, and there have been some changes to the academy that may benefit onboarding cadets.

"It used to be a 27 week academy, and now it's 24 weeks. So that made it a little bit easier on families," says Montez.

After people go through the hiring process to become a cadet they can do the following, "You get to choose a dream sheet, and you write down the offices that you would like to go to that are available. Then you get selected to those offices based on how you performed in the academy," says officer Montez.

He also says the department offers a lot of variety, "There's a number of different departments that we have. We have a SWAT team in Sacramento, we actually have some boats that the CHP offers as well. We are on a lot of different task forces. So we have like some stolen vehicle task forces, you can become an investigator."

Another incentive is paid training at the academy.

In order to join the CHP candidates must meet the following requirements: be between the ages of 20-35, have a high school diploma or GED, be a U.S. citizen and have no felony convictions.

The department is looking to fill several positions including dispatchers and auto technicians.

If you are interested in joining or know a friend or family member who may interested, you can find more details at

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