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Spending $2,300, GOP newcomer Ed Durr beats top NJ lawmaker


TRENTON, N.J. (AP) — New Jersey’s longtime state Senate president, Democrat Steve Sweeney lost reelection, falling to a Republican newcomer who spent little money and underscoring Democratic woes in the Biden era. Edward Durr, a furniture company truck driver and political newcomer, defeated Sweeney in New Jersey’s 3rd Legislative District. Sweeney’s defeat was unexpected and threw his party’s legislative leadership contest into limbo. The loss reveals some of the headwinds Democrats are facing after losing the governor’s race in Virginia and winning a narrow victory in New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy’s race. Durr won after spending just over $2,000 according to new state figures. Sweeney says he’s waiting for all the votes to be counted.

Associated Press

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