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Eisenhower Health warning of alarming increase in COVID-19 hospitalizations

eisenhower health

Eisenhower Health COO Martin Massiello sent an update to employees letting them know that the data points to a possible continued increase in hospitalizations.

"I was hoping to be able to continue talking about things other than COVID-19 but the situation has changed dramatically over the past week," Massiello writes.

According to Massiello, the hospital's percent positivity (which only counts cases tested and confirmed at Eisenhower) has surpassed five percent for the first time since August.

"Which indicates the potential for a significant increase in hospitalizations," Massiello said.

Eisenhower has also added 20 COVID patients since Sunday, Nov 1.

Massiello noted that on Nov. 1, the hospital had six patients in the hospital with only one critical patient in the ICU. As of Nov. 9, there are 9 COVID-19 patients in the hospital with six patients in the ICU, three of whom are on ventilators.

(Hospitalization at Eisenhower as of Nov. 5)

Massiello added that hospitalizations at Eisenhower have increased every day this week. Over the past 24 hours, there have been nine COVID patients admitted to the hospital.

Riverside County as a whole has seen a recent increase in hospitalizations in the past week. As of Nov. 9, the county has 228 patients in hospitals, the highest number of patients since August 27.

“We have had an increase in hospitalizations let say over the last month, which is somewhat alarming, but our capacity for ICU beds and overall beds is well within the capacity of our hospitals," County spokesperson Jose Arballo Jr told News Channel 3 on Nov. 4.

Hospitalizations and ICUs are also on the rise across the state. In his last update on Nov 4, Secretary of the California Health and Human Services Dr. Mark Ghaly said hospitalizations are up 13.5 percent over the past 14 days while the state has seen a 19.5 percent rise in ICUs in the state.

In addition to the issues with COVID-19, Massiello noted that they are seeing a trend in Influenza A positivity indicating that the flu has arrived in the Coachella Valley. This would could pose more issues for the hospital, including an impact to admissions and the risk of Influenza transmission to healthcare workers.

"Needless to say, this is an alarming trend and one that we anticipated based on our current positivity rate; however, the inpatient cases admitted over the last 24 hours is unprecedented," Massiello said.

Healthcare workers want to remind all residents to:

  • Wear face covering (which now includes masks and either goggles or a face shield during all patient and public facing encounters)
  • Frequently wash your hands with soap and water or 70% alcohol solutions
  • Maintain a physical distance of at least six feet as much as possible

"Please take this new trend seriously and be as fastidious as you can be in keeping yourself, your families and our patients as safe as possible," Massiello writes to staff.

Visit for continuing local updates on the coronavirus pandemic.

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