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Seniors at Legend Gardens Assisted Living abandoned by owner, forced to relocate ahead of holidays

Seniors at Legend Gardens Assisted Living are being forced out of their homes after the owner suddenly abandoned the center. 

“Because there was no one to do financial means…they had to shut us down,” explained Carrie MacDonald, Community Relations Director, Legend Gardens Assisted Living. 

MacDonald says the owner/CEO essentially disappeared. He has been unreachable. And with no one to pay or manage the facility, she says the state is shutting the facility down altogether. 

“None of the staff members have been paid since November 10…and they all stayed. We stuck together because we’re a little family and we know the residents need us,” said MacDonald. 

While most of the seniors have found another place to go, it’s been an incredibly difficult transition for many. Resident Millie Caggiano has lived here for more than a decade. 

“I’m here 11 years and it grew on me…same apartment…11 years,” she said. 

She says in many cases, neighbors have become family. 

“We’ll miss a lot of good times,” said Donnalee Ahuero, Legend Gardens Assisted Living. 

On Friday night, a group of volunteers organized a Christmas event at the center to lift residents’ spirits. 

“People just brought things and were singing and it was just glorious,” said Diane Taub, organizer. 

Residents shared they are grateful for the volunteers’ efforts offering them one final Christmas together in the place they’ve called home.  

“I mean just to acknowledge older people…it made me very happy,” said Caggiano. 

“It certainly was a nice way to say goodbye,” added Ahuero. 

MacDonald added that there are still some seniors in need of financial assistance or affordable housing. Anyone interested in helping should reach out to the center. You can reach her via email HERE.

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