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Winds didn’t stop high school students from attending ‘Drone Camp’ this weekend

Coachella Valley high school students are learning how to use drones with the help of cinematography professionals.

College professor and founder of Hollywood Drones, Skip Fredricks, has helped over 700 college students earn their drone license in the past four years.

He says drones are the future, offering plenty of job opportunities throughout the valley.

"Even if you're not creative, and you want to be a filmmaker, you can be a solar inspector, you can be a wind inspector, you can be an agriculture inspector, home inspector. And all of those things are in the valley. We have windmills, we have solar, we have electric, we have agriculture," says Fredricks.

Part of Fredricks' training included drone safety which covers when and when not to fly a drone.

Drone Flyers Academy student, Trinity Lockwood, shares what she learned, "We have things like the wind which involves the trees and bushes and everything flying around the sand which can definitely make it difficult.”

Flight instructors kept their eyes on winds all throughout the morning to see if they could take their lesson outside.

"Today we're right at the borderline of everything. We're about at the borderline of the heat and wind but we want to give these guys a really great ending to their day and we can do that outside," said Fredricks.

Winds were calmer in Palm Springs at the time, allowing high school students to enjoy a special show.

Thirty four students from Cathedral City and Palm Springs High Schools earned their FAA drone license as part of their training.

The winds have since strengthened across the Coachella Valley, you can get our latest weather forecast here.

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