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Local businesses impacted by power outages during summer storm

With this summer storm, came power outages for several residents and businesses.

Fortunately, power is back up and running in most areas.

Many people in the Valley were excited to see some rain come back to the desert. “Sun is shining, nice cold rain, can’t get any more perfect than that," said resident Will Will.

It’s a nice change from the usually dry heat we see during the summertime. “It was just nice to get some rain, a little bit of a change in weather, you know. We’re not gonna probably see rain again for a couple of months, 3-4 months so yeah it was actually nice,” said resident Mike Bigel.

However, the rainy weather and lightning weren’t very welcomed by businesses whose power was shut off.

SoCal Edison crews worked to get it back up and running.

“It was very hard to cook that way with you know in the dark,” said the Owner of Los Reyes Salvadorian Food, Enrique Reyes.

Power outages were felt in the Cathedral City and Palm Springs areas.

Some businesses were even being forced to close for the day.

“It did affect us for a couple of hours. We totally went out of the power and we didn’t get anybody because, because of that," Reyes explained.

At Fit in 42 off of Ramon Road, the outage hit them during one of their fitness classes. “We did have to cancel a couple of classes,“ said Stretch Therapist Juan Lopez, "I would say probably like 15 minutes, 10 minutes into our first class we got affected by the power outage.”

But they took a risk by not canceling all of their afternoon classes, as the power came back on just in time. “Last minute right but winners know to find a way so we were able to come up with the idea just go on Facebook, let our clients know... once it came back on we could do the last couple hours of the class.”

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