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2nd Annual Coachella Valley Grand Prix Pickleball Tournament, The Springs

There is no arguing the steady rise of one of the valley's favorite sports, pickleball. And for the second year in a row, The Springs in Rancho Mirage is hosting the three-day Grand Prix pickleball tournament.

"Well you can't find a better venue to play the game as you take a look around here," said Kim Scholz Desert Pickleball League Director. "This is pristine, we have little stadium courts for everybody. So this is great."

This exciting event featured multiple age divisions competing on 16 courts.

"Its the fastest growing sport around and our members and owners have embraced pickle ball in a big way," said The Springs Courts Committee Chair John Turley. "At one point we had 15-20 players and now we have 160 plus." 

Regardless if you are an avid pickleball player, locals have enjoyed opportunities like these to come together for a good sweat and fun competition.

"Its just a lot of fun and a family sport. I started through my mom they live here in the Springs and she introduced me to the sport and its been a lot of fun since," said Springs resident Arin Alonzo. "We actually met each other out here on the pickleball court out in La Quinta and we just started competing this year. There is a big group of us here at the Springs and we are all great friends and we started competing together and its been a lot of fun."

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