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Student Athlete of the Week – Kenan Rizvanbegovic

Palm Desert tennis has been a powerhouse here in the valley. The boys on court went undefeated in the regular season and a big part can be credited to Kenan Rizvanbegovic. Captain, and one of the Aztecs most versatile players.

"He started playing for me as a freshman and played extremely well," said Palm Desert head coach Pius Mozia. "He was a little kid and went to CIF and people were saying who is this little player, but he was kicking you know what all the way through."

Kenan’s journey started here in the Coachella Valley. 

"Born and raised in the desert." 

He's been playing tennis.

"Since I was six."


"My Dad was a professional tennis player in Europe, so I was just born playing tennis," said Rizvanbegovic.  

Kenan says playing for the Aztecs has been one of his favorite high school experiences, and his coach is thankful he came to the courts. 

"He’s an all around good tennis player. He can serve, he can volley, he can hit out, he can slice," said Mozia.  

Kenan’s a player.

Compete’s for the love of the game and has the shots to prove it. He’s certainly leaving an Aztec legacy.  

"High school is great. It is a good mix of very competitive scene and to be with a team. Tennis is a solo sport but when you are with a team it is a lot different and to be honest for me its more fun," said Rizvanbegovic.

"He’s my captain right now. He is playing a very good leadership role," said Moiza.

"The way we select captains is not based on how you play alone, it is how you encourage your teammates to play. But most importantly you have to have good grades. Grades mean a lot to me. If you don’t have good grades, 3.0 or better, you are not going to play for me."

"I played two years of high school tennis and this is the closest our group has been." said Rizvanbegovic.  

"I am going to miss his leadership skills and his dedication to the game. His dedication and respect for the game means a lot to me," said Mozia.

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Bailey Arredondo

Bailey Arredondo is a Sports Anchor/Reporter for KESQ News Channel 3. He joined the Desert’s News Leader in January 2022 here.


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