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Student Athlete of the Week – Oshea Wallace

Cathedral City Football

Football and Oshea Wallace were meant to be together.

A born natural athlete.

This game and passion was love at first sight. 

"It was like when I was four or five, I went to one of my brothers games and he was going crazy and I told my Dad I wanted to play football," said Oshea Wallace. "And he said, 'you sure you want to play football?' and I was like yeah I’m trying to play." 

Ohseas older brothers Orlando and Jordan were incredible players here in the valley, so football runs deep in the Wallace household.

But Oshea is focused on writing his own story, and he’s made a huge difference under center at Catherdral City. 

"He’s an electric player, he can make plays with the ball in his arm. He can also make plays with his feet," said Head Coach Richard Lee. "Once he takes off anything can happen. He can turn a broken down play or a loss into a 60 yard touchdown." 

"Shea, is probably a mixture of Lamar Jackson and Patrick Mahomes," said Senior wide receiver Frank Valentino. "He’s very mobile, he can throw on the run. He makes a lot of plays." 

Almost every game is a highlight reel for Oshea no matter when and where. But he loves playing at home and putting on for his city. 

"I like hearing the crowd every time we score, it gives me a lot of energy. But also, I like being out here with everybody. We all have the same goal and we just want to get a league title," said Wallace.

Any other quarterback you’d rather have in the valley? 

"No at all sir. Just Shea," said Valentino.

"When one of your best players is your leader, that helps everyone else because they look up to him. He always keeps it positive and like I said, he likes to have fun. He’s a cool kid to be around," said Lee.

If you know a future student-athlete of the week and want to nominate someone, please contact Sports Director Blake Arthur or Bailey Arredondo. You can also send an email to

Bailey Arredondo


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