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Scholar Athlete of the Week

Student-Athlete of the Week – Martha Montejano


“I love these girls!” Martha Montejano said.

Martha Montejano is a big sister at home… and on the court to the entire Indio girls volleyball team.

“I feel like that wanting to be better is like what motivates me and keeps me on track to like lift up our team energy most of the time and, you know, like, just keep pushing each other all the time. My teammates are awesome, they also push me, so I really love that,” she said.

“I think it’s her willingness to be a team player. So she doesn’t just care about herself or think, what I’m doing is good enough. She wants to know, how can I fix this to make my teammates better. How can I adjust it so they can do something better. Cause, everybody’s individual so they have their own ways that they like things, so she can tailor their needs to what she’s doing, that’s what she wants to do,” said Meagan Chafey, head coach of the Indio girls volleyball team.

Montejano has two younger sisters - a freshman and a sophomore at Indio High School. They also play volleyball. Martha says she wants to be the role model for them that she didn’t have as the oldest sister. 

“She always wants to show them how to act around school, what to do on the court, and she’s always the first in, working hard, wanting extra feedback, and that’s something people don’t always see is the extra work they put in when it’s not practice time,” Chafey said.

Montejano has been on varsity the past two seasons. Coach Meagan Chafey says she’s always led by her actions, but has grown into a more vocal leader.

“I feel like it’s just boosted my self-confidence as well, like more communication skills have been added to me. And, like, the energy is just… it, like, lifts you up,” Montejano said.

“She’s great with the younger kids and being able to like explain the different drills to them. And she’s always the best example out there,” Chafey said.

Montejano plans to pursue a career in the medical field and maybe play volleyball if the opportunity presents itself. Another thing that’s important to her… continuing her big sister role.

“I just hope I could still be around these girls all the time, cause you know, I love this program and this school too. I’m very, like, thankful to it. So that’s what I’m looking forward to… doing my own thing as well as being here for them,” she said.

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