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Student Athlete of the Week – Melanie Hernandez

Coachella Valley Volleyball

Coachella Valley volleyball has had a star in the making for the past 4 years, Melanie Hernandez. The type of player this coaching staff has been waiting on.

I remember after our banquet that year we went up to her and asked her if she is ready for this to be her team in a couple of years and she said, what?

Fast forward and the Arabs are on a 12 game win streak this season. Melanie says her mindset isn’t just on her individual performance- but whatever needs to be done to make this team successful.

Learning volleyball I made sure to learn all positions. If any coach or any team needed me to play a different position - I'm there. I'm able to get that playing time and able to contribute to the team however I can.

Energy! Her energy really brings me up and just want to keep going with her. So it makes me want to play even more and play even harder. Cause she is working so hard so everyone says, "lets get like Mel."

She is what you want in a volleyball player. She doesn't get rattled, she approaches every point as you coach it and you'll never see her frustrated on the court. She's an awesome leader. What I appreciate from her is she keeps the team really really even keeled no matter what the score is.

Melanie is all in. One last ride for CV and she is embracing every minute of it

I'm having fun with the sport I love and I'm very passionate about what I do and I love playing with my team and am determined and hardworking.

But there are still games to play and work to be done. Melanie intends to go out with a bang.

We're trying to go undefeated and put another number on our banner. And honestly make our team proud, make our coaches proud, the whole environment - our principal, make everybody proud.  

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