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Troubled Waters: Extended Interview with Assemblymember Eduardo Garcia

State Assemblymember Eduardo Garcia discusses the issues surrounding previous projects to save the Salton Sea in this extended interview from our special series "Troubled Waters: The Salton Sea Project."

Click here to visit our Salton Sea Project section to learn more about the special report

Check out Part 1: Paradise Lost - Angela looks back at the history of the Salton Sea. Find out it's connection to Spanish explorers, and how it went from one of the most popular destination to abandoned and on the verge of disaster

Check Out Part 2: Toxic Exposure - Angela goes in-depth on the history of toxic outbreaks at the Salton Sea and its connection to the current health issues of those who live near the lake

Check Out Part 3: A Lake Languished - Angela look at the millions spent over the years to save the Salton Sea and why there is so little progress to show for it

Angela Chen

Angela comes to the Coachella Valley as KESQ’s morning anchor after teaching graduate school classes at the USC Annenberg School of Journalism and Communication. Learn more about Angela here.


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