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A rain and snow-filled Monday in the desert

High temperatures remained in the 50s this afternoon. Thermal tied a record for the lowest maximum temperature for the date at 59°.

The winter storm has moved off to the east for the most part. It will continue this path, clearing our skies, through the night.

Rainfall totals as of 8:00 p.m. are listed below:

Did you see small white pellets today? It was likely graupel! KESQ Chief Photographer Christopher Flicker encountered some near Edom Hill this morning. How can you know if it's graupel or hail? Squeeze it! If it can be squished and resembles Dippin' Dots ice cream, then you've found a snowflake that has supercooled water droplets frozen on top of it!

Snowfall has been impressive with plenty of cold air dropping snow levels below 2,000' in some spots. If you're experiencing the winter weather, grab a ruler, stick it in the snow, snap a picture, then send it to! This helps us know what's actually happening across the area.

Will be exciting to see the updated snowfall totals tomorrow morning!

The Winter Storm Warning and Wind Advisory were both allowed to expire at 10:00 p.m.

Now, a Frost Advisory is in effect for the Coachella Valley as temperatures drop near freezing. Cover sensitive outdoor plants and bring your pets inside!

We're not done yet! Storm #3 of the week will begin to nudge its way into Southern California late Wednesday. Rain doesn't look to arrive in the desert until late Thursday and into Friday. Stay tuned!

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