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Opinion: I’m a daughter of Holocaust survivors. These German students and I are learning about the power of listening

Opinion by Elizabeth Rosner (CNN) — Sometime in late April, the Jewish cemetery in upstate New York where both of my parents are buried was vandalized. Close to 100 gravestones, almost all with Hebrew lettering on one or both sides, were found overturned — the kind of attack that would have taken much more than a casual amount

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Opinion: It’s time more horror films push back against queer stereotypes

Opinion by Noah Berlatsky (CNN) — Horror tradition often links murder and monstrosity to gender disruption. The hetero nuclear family represents safety and good, while alternatives to it — including queer families or single working women — represent the opposite. At first, Oz Perkins’ stylish occult horror film “Longlegs” seems set to overturn or subvert this default, in the

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Opinion: What Trump is looking for in a VP

Opinion by Julian Zelizer (CNN) — As President Joe Biden continues to face calls from Democrats to withdraw from the 2024 race, Republicans are preparing for their national convention next week. The biggest outstanding question is who former President Donald Trump will select as his vice president. In Trumpian fashion, he has teased the possibilities on

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Opinion: This film is chilling reminder of how ‘not sorry’ Louis C.K. is

Opinion by Sara Stewart (CNN) — “Sorry/Not Sorry,” in theaters Friday, revisits the 2017 comedy-world firestorm involving five women’s accounts of sexual misconduct by comedian Louis C.K. and the aftermath in which he was welcomed back onstage. Unsurprisingly, it lands pretty definitively on “not sorry.” The documentary, from directors Caroline Suh and Cara Mones and produced by the New

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