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Three Ways AI and Smart Tech Can Help Us Work More Efficiently at Home

Common Dilemmas of Working from Home and How AI Can Help

(BPT) - Common Dilemmas of Working from Home and How AI Can Help

As more people work from home in lieu of commuting to crowded corporate offices, people are in their homes in greater numbers than ever before balancing both job-related tasks and home responsibilities. From sticking to a set work schedule to allocating a certain area of the house as a home office, people are thinking of interesting and useful ways to better their experience when working from home.

Thankfully, the tech industry’s leading players have been hard at work finding new and inventive ways to make home life more convenient. Laptops and webcams aren’t the only devices you need; from voice-control to personalized performance, the latest AI tech and smart solutions are making it possible to get more accomplished with a lot less effort, and without ever setting foot outside the front door.

Here are a few solutions that may help us be more effective when home also happens to be our office:

1. Finding it hard to focus at home? Use AI speakers as your personal assistant!

Shifting from a bustling office to the peace and quiet of your own home (when the kids aren’t around) can be a relaxing and refreshing change, but it can also make it difficult to stay focused. Research shows that changing out of pajamas and into smart-casual clothing and setting up a dedicated, well-lit workstation can help keep you on-task and productive. One of the most effective solutions is to allocate a certain area of the house as your home office — and it doesn’t have to be simply isolating yourself in a room for less distractions. Get creative and change the atmosphere around you using today’s tech to the fullest.

If you find yourself struggling, why not ask your AI speaker — like the LG XBOOM AIThinQ — to play some white noise, café sounds, or whatever type of music helps you to concentrate. Take advantage of services like Spotify to set up playlists and stations that create the right soundtrack for your working day, and for when you’re off the clock. Noise-cancelling headphones can also prove to be useful for those who prefer to work in silence, while smart lighting systems can help maintain a sense of work-life balance by switching to bright during office hours, and to dim for the all-important coffee break and after-work movie.

Voice-controllable AI speakers like the LG XBOOM AIThinQ especially come in handy when you have your hands full — both figuratively and literally. When you’re busy grabbing a snack or writing up a report, just ask your AI speaker: “Can you turn on the air conditioner for me?” or “How long do I have until the conference call?” Even without being asked, your AI speaker can remind you of important deadlines or meetings to keep you on top of everything even from home.

2. What about the kids? Keep them busy with AI-recommended programs and features!

Working at home with children can be difficult. Focusing on a pressing report can be a struggle while trying to attend to your children, not to mention the laundry, dishes and dust all vying for your urgent attention. Before the stress becomes too much, consider this more peaceful scenario:

You’re making great progress on your work as your smart appliances deal with the dishes, laundry and dusty floors. You take a quick peek in the living room and there are the kids, sitting quietly in front of the TV, enjoying fun, age-appropriate entertainment that you didn’t even have to search for. AI-infused TVs like the LG OLED ThinQ AI TV can deliver tailored recommendations based on viewers’ age and their previous viewing choices. What’s more, you won’t even have to worry about the remote getting lost or broken, since voice control and LG’s platform-wide search function make finding great content easy for everyone.

Your children may have responsibilities of their own, which can be difficult for them to do when there’s a TV in the room. Helping your kids focus on homework or reading, the latest smart TVs can transform into a virtual gallery displaying a restful landscape, beautiful artwork or roaring fireplace, which adds a new dimension to your living room and elevates the ambience to help you and your children be more productive.

3. Scrambling to keep tidy and get your work done? Connect your AI-powered appliances for ultimate smart control!

Working at the office isn’t easy with project deadlines, client meetings and constant phone calls. But working at home isn’t all fun and games either, dealing with all this and household chores that keep piling on. It’s easy to feel like you have to be a multitasking machine to stay on top of everything, but when you can control your appliances with the single click of a button or a simple voice command, multitasking really isn’t all that hard.

Today’s smart technology can connect everything in the home, from your lights and TVs to the thermostat and robot vacuum. Virtual assistants like Amazon Alexa or the Google Assistant let you control them all with just your voice, as do convenient smartphone apps. For instance, with the LG ThinQ app, you can remotely control, schedule and monitor a whole range of LG appliances — such as the washer, dryer, robotic vacuum and air conditioner — with a touch of a finger or simple voice command.

Simply check how long is left on your wash cycle with your phone and receive alerts when the cycle is complete. The LG ThinQ app even informs you when it’s time to empty your robot vacuum and lets you set its daily cleaning schedule, and lets you adjust and monitor the temperature of every room with your LG smart air conditioner.

This level of control enables you to quickly take care of several chores on your to-do list and still have time to spare before that conference call begins. And for added peace of mind, LG smart appliances can also tell you when it’s time to clean filters, order more detergent and even if you left your refrigerator door open.

Keep calm and stay smart

Working from home can be difficult to manage, but with tech companies introducing a range of innovative solutions to make life indoors more efficient, there’s plenty of room in the home for both productivity and relaxation.

With the latest smart home technologies at your disposal, that report is as good as done.

To learn how AI can help you work smarter at home, visit

Please follow your state and local government directions to stay at home and practice smart social distancing.

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