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Month: May 2020

Slow warming begins

Yesterday was nice and seasonal in the upper 90s. Today, we’re starting to see temperatures slowly warm. Triple digit highs returned today with a light breeze and cloud cover to provide some relief. Wind gusts will strengthen this evening. Gusts in some areas of the valley floor reaching over 30 mph, with gusts up to

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The U.S. sends ventilators to Brazil

The United States is supplying Brazil with ventilators and the controversial drug hydroxychloroquine. Both nations confirm the U.S. plans to ship a thousand ventilators to help with Brazil’s coronavirus outbreak. It has already sent 2 million doses of hydroxychloriquine. Even though the World Health Organization is pausing it’s research of the drug. The U.S. and

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Slowly warming up through the week

Palm Springs on Saturday reached a high temperature right at seasonal average at 97°. Today, the average is 98°. Temperatures will be a couple degrees warmer for the afternoon. As we continue through the week, there is an area of low pressure with much uncertainty where it will travel, based on each weather model. The

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Slowly warming up again

Today was nice and seasonal with highs in the upper 90s, due to an area of low pressure to the north. As we head into tomorrow, high pressure starts building and temperatures will slowly start to warm back into the triple digits. A nice breeze was with us for most of the day with areas

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Feeling cooler this weekend

Palm Springs on Friday reached a high temperature of 106°. The average temperature for this time of year is 97°. For Saturday, temperatures will be closer to seasonal. An area of low pressure to the north will keep us on the cool side for today before temperatures begin to warm up again next week. Winds

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Cooling continues into weekend

Once again Palm Springs has taken a step towards cooling down though we’re still experiencing above-normal temperatures. Today the high at the airport was 106° — average is 97°. The breezy, and at times gusty, northwest wind will follow us into Saturday morning as a trough of low pressure moves along the west coast. The

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