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Overcoming Addiction

First Important Step Toward Recovery

When taking the first important step toward recovery—the conscious decision to obtain treatment for drug or alcohol addiction—there are some things to consider before deciding on the type of rehab that is best suited for your unique situation. Each person struggling with addiction will have specific features associated with their personal substance use disorder. Because no two addiction stories are alike, a variety of rehab programs exist to offer many options for care.

For example, some addicts may have a long-standing co-occurring mental health disorder, such as depression, anxiety, or an eating disorder. Others may have only recently become hooked on painkillers. Still others may have a poly-substance disorder where multiple drugs are being abused. There are specialized rehabs that will align with each of these very different addiction scenarios.

For individuals with a long history of heavy alcohol or drug abuse, a residential rehab is the best pathway for successful recovery. Residential drug treatment programs in California cover a wide range of treatment philosophies, locales, amenities, and services, providing the opportunity to find a rehab that best suits your recovery needs and goals. At Ken Seeley Communities, we understand that all too often, a person can see their life crumbling before their very eyes as a result of their addictions and not know how to find a way out. We help alleviate the feelings of isolation so common in individuals and their families suffering from the detrimental effects of addiction. That’s where we step in and shed a little light on the darkest of days. Contact us today (877) 774-0502.

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