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8 Tips to increasing the value of your home

Here are 8 tips to increasing the value of your home:

1. Spend at least an hour with a pro - invite a realtor or interior designer over to visit and assess your home.

2. Paint - freshly painted walls increase value, and be sure to use neutral colors!

3. Look to magazines & television shows for inspiration around design and renovations.

4. Make your home green. You can cut energy costs with energy saving appliances and fixtures.

5. Get rid of popcorn ceilings. Most popcorn ceilings can be cleared by applying solution to soften texture, then scrape away popcorn.

6. Clean up lawn and landscape. Get rid of oversized plants - trim your lawn and hedges.

7. Have your carpets cleaned. Hiring a cleaning service to do a deep clean on your carpets can create more appeal.

8. Visually increase your home's square footage by adding mirrors to a small space, or getting rid of oversized drapery and furniture.

KESQ Administrator

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