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Part 14: Former DHS Chief Speaks Out On Child Molestation Tape

In Part 12 of this NewsChannel 3 Investigation, we reported that Desert Hot Springs Detective Radames Gil went on record about a 2003 sting operation.

Gil says he witnessed a fellow officer Jacques Million enter a hotel room and molest a 14-year-old girl.

The mother of that 14-year old says Million grabbed her daughter, forced himself on her, and was telling her how much he wanted to make love to her.

Now, former DHS Police Chief Roy Hill is speaking out about what he saw on the videotape.

“I remember him taking the girl by hand and standing her up,” says Hill, who was shown the tape by Gil. “He put his hand around her waist and kissed her. It was clearly the police officer in uniform and it was clearly the 14-year-old girl.”

There was only one thing missing in the out come — the district attorney’s office never filed charges.

“I think it was very good evidence that I had hoped the district attorney’s office would move forward with,” Hill says. “I had requested Sergeant Gil, take it to the DA which he did.”

Hill goes on to say that he was frustrated by the DA’s inaction.

The DA’s office says that the 14-year-old girl’s family was not cooperative with their investigation.

The girl tells NewsChannel 3 that inside the police station she signed a letter.

“Sergeant Gil talked to us and we went into the police station and they pretty much had my daughters convinced that nothing was ever going to come of this,” says the girl’s mother. “The only thing that could be done to him, they said, had been done. They also say that everything she had to go through was only worth $2,000 [in settlement money].”

But Detective Gil also went on record to say Jacques Million was giving out secrets of police investigations to others.

“He told my daughter all about the raids he was going to be doing, all the places that was going to be hit.”

“The really scary part is, if it’s true, Officer Million was jeopardizing other officer’s lives,” says Hill.

We couldn’t ask the DA investigator who worked on this case why the DA’s office decided not to look further into Officer Million.

Investigator David McGowan murdered his entire family then killed himself just days before he was to testify in the same arbitration hearing in which the molestation was brought to light.

We are now learning of another former DHS officer who is accused of child molestation and other crimes.

One of the original investigating officers tells us that the DA’s office never filed charges in that case either.

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